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What's in the new Fluke Electronics News - December 2011

Fluke Electronics News - Volume 10, Number 2

December 2011

This edition of Fluke Electronics News (Volume 8, Number 2) is packed with information you can use today. And we think you just might enjoy reading it.

You’ve seen it on Deadliest Catch—it’s dangerous to fish in the icy North Pacific. But twenty-first-century shipboard electronics help make fishing safer, easier, and more productive. Find out how in “Advanced Electronics Make the Catch Less Deadly” »

Mixing higher voltage 480-volt three-phase cables in the same cabinet as lower voltage 24- or 120-volt control wiring and communications cabling can result in erratic operation or even complete failure of electronic equipment inside the cabinet. For detailed information about such issues see “Why You Care: Mixed Cabinet Electronics and Power” »

If you are an electronics engineer, think about what it takes to design electronic equipment tough enough to survive the kind of extreme conditions Fluke products are tested to. Where most electronics technicians work it’s unlikely that their tools would have to withstand these extreme conditions. But all technicians, no matter where they work or the conditions they meet, need confidence that their test tools will perform as promised. Learn more about Fluke’s Product Evaluation and Testing Laboratory in “Fluke Lab Tortures Test Tools So Technicians Feel No Pain” »

A PMU is a control device found on today’s Smart Grid, a dynamic network of electrical supply, demand, and control. Until recently, testing processes and equipment were inadequate to ensure the consistent performance of Phasor Measurement Units, or PMUs. Find out how Fluke Calibration, under a grant from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), is developing an automated system to properly test and calibrate PMUs“Calibrating the Smart Grid” »

Like many engineering challenges, designing a display means striking the right balance among sometimes conflicting requirements. Find the sweet spot—that’s the job. See how Fluke evolves its displays in The Tech Tips section in this edition, “Look at This! Better Displays Are Here” »

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