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Electronics News cover page, Volume 9, Number 1

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Portable or bench scope? Why not both? »

From electric fish, two kinds of current » 

Video: Chief metrologist explains metrology (.swf) »

Volume 9 Number 1

Precision Component Manufacturer Increases Quality with Induction Heat Treating »

At Linamar they're pioneering a PLC controller system for high current and high frequency. These precision metallic components must stand up to the elements and hard use. Here's how they increase quality with an innovative induction heat treating system.

Tech Tips: Wireless Test Tools Can Cut Troubleshooting Time »

Changing the way you troubleshoot automated systems, the revolutionary CNX 3000 wireless system can help you expedite testing of new products and processes, validate the reference signal on process control systems, and more.

On the Rivers of Suriname, Electric Eels Reveal Their Secrets »

Deploying a portable oscilloscope to see the waveforms and measure voltage and current on a fish that's essentially a giant electric battery.

How to Configure a Fluke Data Acquisition System for Use with Transducers »

Using a transducer, perhaps a pressure or humidity transducer? Here's how to configure Fluke data acquisition products.

Troubleshooting 4 to 20 mA Process Control Systems Without Breaking the Loop »

Here's how it's done when working on pressure, flow, temperature, and pH transmitters in a chemical processing plant.


Leigh Copp, chief engineer and business unit manager for the Linamar Advanced Systems Group, relies on his Fluke ScopeMeter® portable oscilloscope to diagnose and troubleshoot problems from the rooftop HVAC units to assembly robotics on the manufacturing floor.