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Fluke Electronics News

Electronics News cover page, Volume 8, Number 2

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Whitepaper: Testing and Calibration of Phasor Measurement Units »

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Volume 8 Number 2

Advanced Electronics Make the Catch Less Deadly »

Sophisticated electronic systems help make fishing safer, easier,
and more productive

Tech Tips: Look at This! Better Displays Are Here »

Clearer and easier to read, yet tough and long-lasting

Why You Care: Mixed Cabinet Electronics and Power »

How to avoid erratic operation or failure of electronic equipment
inside the cabinet

Fluke Lab Tortures Test Tools So Technicians Feel No Pain »

Testing to destruction verifies the safety and reliability of equpment

Calibrating the Smart Grid »

Developing an automated system to properly test and calibrate
Phasor Measurement Units (PMUs)


High above the harbor, field electronics technician Jeff McMahon tests power supplied to a radar antenna.