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Upgrading the customer: Energy management-related service projects

April 2012

Upgrading the Customer: Energy management-related service projects

Back in 2009 Fluke Electrical News (Volume 8, Number 1) profiled a company that was turning the downturn into prime time - Prime Electric Inc.

This electrical contractor had grown from zero to $40 million in just over 20 years. Fluke News wanted to ask how they did it - and how they were wrestling with the stagnant business climate of 2009.

There’s lots more to the story, but Prime focused on providing cost-saving designs and ideas in an effort to deliver “more for less” in those tough times.

Once again Prime Electric has made the news, this time in Electrical Contractor magazine, for its energy management-related service projects.

The article covers the trend to energy management-related service projects, customer expectations, and the resources needed to work on these projects.

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