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Ten dumb things smart people do

January 2012

Safety wear

Anyone who makes their living by working with electricity quickly develops a healthy respect for anything with even a remote chance of being “live.” Yet the pressures of getting a job done on time or getting a mission-critical piece of equipment back online can result in carelessness and uncharacteristic mistakes by even the most seasoned electrician.

The list of ten dumb things was developed as a quick reminder of what not to do when taking electrical measurements.

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Of course there are more than ten ways to hurt yourself on electrical systems, but a list of ten does get us thinking. We go through life making small mistake after small mistake and nothing happens, until we happen to get the wrong alignment of small mistakes and we now have an accident. Once the accident starts we have no control over it, so the best thing to do is to avoid the small mistakes and tighten up the way we work.

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Top tens are a great starting point. Fluke offers a full Electrical Measurement Safety Program, including a video that makes the standards easy to understand.