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Keeping the chairlifts running

Through snow or sun, these teams get it done

February 2012

Whistler Blackcomb

It’s still winter sports season…

Have you ever wondered what it takes to keep the operation running so you can enjoy the snowy slopes?

Not that long ago, Fluke Plant News ran a detailed story on Whistler Blackcomb near Vancouver in British Columbia.

And we put a few videos online so you can see what goes on behind the scenes at a major ski resort. You’ll join Ian Dennis, Laird Brown, and Rob Withey at work at Whistler.

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If you’d like to read the entire article about how Whistler Blackcomb stays up and running, click here for PDF »

No ski resort wants to experience catastrophic failure of power filters associated with chairlifts. That happened at Crystal Mountain Resort in Washington State a few years ago, fortunately just after the ski resort had closed down for the season.

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A ski resort near Silverthorn, Colorado, depends on its snow-making capacity to augment nature’s snowfall, especially during drought years. Pressurized water and compressed air are forced through special spray nozzles to atomize the water in freezing temperatures and create snow.

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