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What's in the New Fluke Electrical News— October 2011

Fluke Electrical News - Volume 10, Number 1

October 1, 2011

This edition of Fluke Electrical News (Volume 10, Number 1) is packed with information you can use today. And we think you just might enjoy reading it.

What about those electric vehicle charging stations? Are there opportunities for electrical companies and electricians? What’s involved? Find out how it’s happening in “Building the future in the City by the Bay” »

Electricity afloat is “way more technical than wiring buildings,” according to the folks who know. Sea-going vessels are awash in sophisticated electronics and venture into an environment that is not friendly to electrical installations. For the nautical viewpoint read “Harris Electric keeps the current flowing for Northwest mariners” »

When you work with electricity you must be conscious of safety. We all want to prevent those serious situations where injuries occur and litigation might be involved. There’s help in “Avoiding incidents and investigations through prevention and protection” »

If the idea of an “energy audit” sounds expensive, think again. Managing the amount of electrical energy a building or plant consumes is just good business. The expensive part is NOT taking action. Learn the common-sense approach in “Make a low-cost electrical energy audit pay off” »

It is, indeed, the little things that count. The Tech Tips section in this edition describes the new Fluke TwistGuard™ Test Leads and tells you exactly why we call them “Safer, tougher, and more versatile” »

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