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The tech support engineers at Fluke

Ready to help you when needed

By Steve Clark

March 2014

Steve Clark, Fluke Sales Support Manager

Steve Clark, Fluke Sales Support Manager

Technical support is a key part of what you get when you buy a Fluke product. Whether you’re trying to decide which Fluke product to buy or have questions about a model you already have, the Fluke team of tech support engineers is ready to help.

I’ve been involved in providing technical support for Fluke products for over 20 years. Our tech support team helps thousands of customers each year on the phone or via email. Fluke support engineers have lots of experience to draw on - their average length of employment with Fluke is over 17 years.

No complicated menus or transferred calls

When you call us at 800-44-FLUKE (800-443-5853), you won’t have to navigate a complicated menu or be transferred several times. The first person you speak with will be one of our sales support engineers. They are available to help with pre-sale questions about product selection and post-sale operation/application issues. This team supports a wide range of Fluke products, including multimeters, electrical testers, ScopeMeter® portable oscilloscopes, contact and non-contact thermometers, process calibration tools, power quality products, and infrared cameras.

When a customer calls, we start by asking a lot of questions. One thing I’ve learned is that we can’t give you the right answer if we don’t understand what you’re asking. Some of the common questions are:

  • Are you calling about a product you already own, or are you trying to decide which Fluke product to buy?
  • If it’s a question about a model you have, what model is it? Do you have it with you?
  • What parameter are you measuring? Fluke products are used by people in countless professions, and we aren’t always familiar with what you are doing. We try to focus on your measurement requirements rather than your job.
  • What is your goal? I’ve found that if we don’t ask this question, we can get sidetracked and end up moving down the wrong path.

Assistance using a Fluke product

If you’re planning to call for assistance using a Fluke product, we ask you to think about these points before you speak with us.

  • First, try your task again. It sometime helps to start from the beginning so that you’re sure you haven’t missed a step.
  • Have you been able to perform this task with this particular test tool in the past?
  • Please have your Fluke tool (and any necessary software) with you. This might seem obvious, but you’d be surprised at how many people call for detailed assistance while driving down the highway 30 miles away from their Fluke!

We’re happy to answer questions, but there’s also a wealth of information in our manuals, application notes, and white papers.

While the support engineers are great at what they do, there are some things they can’t help with! They don’t have information about prices, and they aren’t able to help with questions about calibration or repair of Fluke products. Also, other Fluke divisions, such as Fluke Biomedical, Fluke Networks, and Fluke Calibration, each have their own tech support teams. If you happen to call us about one of their products we can connect you with the appropriate group.

Steve Clark is the sales support manager for Fluke Industrial. He’s been with Fluke since 1981 and has spent over 20 years in customer and sales support roles.