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From a tape measure to a laser beam

May 2013

When you need to determine the distance between two objects, do you use a tape measure or ruler - and perhaps another person to hold the end of the tape measure? And then do you pull out a calculator (or perhaps a pencil and paper) to do a quick calculation of area and volume?

If you’re still doing these things, consider using a Fluke laser distance meter to point, shoot, and measure distance, then figure area and volume. The laser meters measure distance to a target up to 100 meters (330 feet) away using the unit’s laser spot, with accuracy up to 1.5 millimeters (1/16 inch).

In a world where inches and feet are used on Monday in one location and millimeters and meters on Wednesday in the next location, quick and easy calculation in each system is essential. The laser meter supplies that capability.

Mr. Goh, sales and project manager of Print Lab PTE Ltd in Singapore, found that the laser distance meter “comes with a four measurement mode, from which I am able to make the selection from feet, inches and metric.” He also noted that “Gone are the days when the traditional measurement tape has to be brought onsite to take a measurement.”

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