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Wondering about loop calibrations?

October 2012

Temperature measurement and calibration

At the online Temperature Measurement and Calibration Resource Center, you can find out about improving loop calibration temperature accuracy and eliminating sensor errors in loop calibrations.

The resource center is a collection of tools for industrial instrumentation and calibration technicians. It includes helpful resources for temperature calibration in manufacturing and industry, such as multiple seminars, videos, application notes, and other resources.

For example, you might want to use the Thermocouple Table Voltage Calculator. Just select your thermocouple type, type in a temperature, and press calculate. This handy tool will produce the NIST thermocouple table value for the temperature, along with the sensitivity or Seebeck coefficient (dV/dT).

If you’ve been brought a new thermometer to calibrate, and are asking yourself, “What am I going to need to calibrate this?” you can refer to “Temperature Calibration Equipment: A Technician’s Guide.”

Here’s one more example of a resource - the paper “Metrology Wells Versus Dry-Wells: Do Vertical Gradients Really Matter?”

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