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Precision comes together at new Fluke Calibration website

September 2011

New Fluke Calibration Website.

Precision comes together at the new Fluke Calibration website.

Technicians today measure electrical signals, temperature, pressure, flow and many other phenomena, working at levels of precision the average person can scarcely imagine. And they must be always ready to show that their instruments, and the standards they use for calibration, are spot on.

It’s a challenging job, but it just got a bit easier. The many resources of Fluke Calibration and its more than 240 hardware and software products are now available online at the new, consolidated Fluke Calibration website, The site brings together products formerly under the Fluke, Hart Scientific, DH Instruments, Ruska and Pressurements brands under the Fluke Calibration brand. The site has launched in the United States and will be live in other regions in coming months.

Martin Girard, Fluke Calibration General Manager, said “The website unifies all Fluke Calibration product lines and knowledge assets into one, easy-to-navigate resource for measurement professionals. The new site allows users to mine the depth and breadth of our knowledge base more quickly than ever before to find the information they need to get their jobs done.”

Comprehensive information

Fluke consolidated its six calibration product lines under the Fluke Calibration brand more than a year ago. The rich new Fluke Calibration website takes that consolidation to the next level, providing a convenient place where visiting calibration professionals can learn about both products and techniques. The site provides comprehensive information on hardware products and software for electrical, RF, temperature, pressure and flow calibration. Visitors will also find an extensive library of application notes, white papers, educational videos, archived webinars, and user manuals.

The website provides information on temperature calibration products formerly sold under the Hart Scientific brand; pressure and flow products sold under the DH Instruments brand; and pressure calibration products sold under the Ruska and Pressurements brands. In 2010, Fluke acquired the Ruska and Pressurements businesses from General Electric. All of these lines now bear the Fluke Calibration brand.

Site visitors can view product information, learn their options for purchasing Fluke Calibration products, check the latest news announcements, view opportunities for training and see a schedule of events, access product literature and application notes, and request service and product support. All designed to help make the demanding job of calibration a bit easier.

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