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Meet the new Documenting Process Calibrators that you helped design

November 2011

Fluke 753 and 754 Documenting Process Calibrator

At long last the wait is over. The new generation of the popular Fluke handheld Documenting Process Calibrators (DPCs) is ready and waiting to get to work. If you used previous Fluke DPCs, you’ll find that the Fluke 753 Documenting Process Calibrator and the Fluke 754 Documenting Process Calibrator-HART® have retained many of the familiar features that made the original 74x series so beloved. But you’ll also find a wide assortment of new safety, accuracy, and usability improvements, many of which resulted from feedback from customers.

Before we started designing the Fluke 753 and 754 we went into the field and talked to frequent users of the previous 74x DPC models. We talked to technicians, engineers, and others who are responsible for maintaining and troubleshooting critical systems. Those customers came from all over the world and from virtually every industry that uses process instrumentation, including petrochemical, pharmaceutical, power generation, mining, waste water management, and steel operations.

We heard you

We learned a lot from those conversations. We learned that you don’t want to have to search around for features. You can’t afford to train everyone on a new system. You need test leads that stay connected. You don’t want your team to have to manually write down and transcribe results. You need a screen that presents a clear display regardless of the lighting or the angle from which you view it. You also need protection from an occasional accidental connection to the wrong signal. From those who calibrate multiple different HART Smart devices every day we heard that you don’t want to have to wrangle multiple connections.

We took that feedback to heart and translated it into the new Fluke 750 series DPC design. The results include all of the best of the previous DPC models plus several updates that make them easier to read, safer to use, and more accurate - so you can work faster and smarter.

Before we get into the specifics of the changes, perhaps we should describe the basics of what the 753 and 754 DPCs offer. These handheld multi-function tools calibrate temperature, pressure, voltage, current, resistance, and frequency all in a handheld unit. They measure and source, so users can troubleshoot and calibrate with the same tool.

Keeping the best and then improving

Those of you who have used the Fluke 743 and 744 DPCs will be happy to know that the new 750 series DPC functionality follows the same logic as those earlier models, so you won’t need to retrain your staff. If this is your first experience with a Fluke DPC don’t worry; the easy-to-follow, menu-driven display takes you step-by-step through any task so you can get up to speed in minutes. What’s more, there are 20 videos to show you everything from unpacking the box and charging the battery to end-to-end calibration of a HART smart pressure transmitter.

You can use these DPCs to source and measure almost any parameter in process instrumentation. The most common uses include testing:

  • Pressure and temperature transmitters that communicate pressure and temperature measurements to a control system
  • Pressure and temperature switches that measure and control pressures and temperatures in process and act as safety shutdown devices
  • Control valves that act as final control elements for a control process
  • Control system analog input/output devices that interpret 4 to 20 mA outputs of transmitters and other devices for process control

What’s new?

The Fluke 753 and 754 DPCs have kept virtually all of the favorite features from the popular 74x series DPCs, only now they’re easier to find, to see, and to use. Check out the specifics:

  • Smarter user interface. The new multi-lingual, menu-driven interface makes it a whole lot easier for users to find all their old favorite features as well as new ones.
  • Easier to read screen. We’ve increased the size, contrast, and brightness of the display screen. Now there are three levels of backlighting to make it easier to see results in bright sunlight, dark, and at an angle.
  • Enhanced test leads. We’ve included enhanced test leads with extended-tooth alligator and wire hook clips standard with each unit. You don’t have to worry about test leads falling off in the middle of a test.
  • More user-friendly documenting software. The 753 and 754 work with Fluke DPC/TRACK2™ software, and with popular programs from Honeywell Meridium, Emerson, Cornerstone, Yokogawa, Prime Technologies, Intergraph and others. You can use the software to create procedures, instructions, and action lists to deliver fast, easy documentation to meet traceable calibration requirements for regulatory agencies.
  • USB connections. We’ve replaced the outdated serial ports with USB ports. The Fluke 753 and 754 can hold up to a full week of downloaded procedures and calibration results that you can easily transfer direct to a PC through the USB interface. This eliminates the need to take notes in the field and saves having to manually transcribe results to create the reports required for ISO-9000 or regulatory standards.
  • Best in class safety rating. The Fluke DPCs are the first on the market to be safety rated to IEC61010 CAT II 300V. So if you accidentally connect to 120 or 240 V ac your 750 series DPC will just take it in stride.
  • Fluke 754 connected to HART instrumentation

    Fluke 754 connects to HART instrumentation.

  • Longer battery life. The 750 series DPCs also include a Li-ion battery with 4400 mA hour life with “Gas gauge” to support longer operation between charges.
  • Integrated HART communications capabilities (Fluke 754 only). The Fluke 754 features a built-in HART interface so you can perform everyday HART calibration and maintenance without an external box or second tool. You can use the 754 to monitor, control, and calibrate HART Instrumentation and handle fast pulsed RTD transmitters and PLCs with pulses as short as 1mS. You can easily update the unit as additional instruments are added and new HART versions are released.

For even more convenience every 750 series DPC comes with a Fluke - C799 Field Soft Case that allows you to operate the calibrator inside the case, and carries all accessories - from hand pumps, and pressure modules, to test leads, power supplies, and hand tools.

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