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Line of 48 pressure modules offers options in accuracy and calibration

Pressure measurement requirements are growing stricter

January 2015

If you work in oil and gas processing or custody transfer, pharmaceutical manufacturing, or nuclear power, you're well aware that pressure measurement requirements are growing stricter all the time. Many industries are demanding higher accuracy and/or decreased calibration intervals for economic and safety reasons. Increased accuracy in pharma and oil and gas custody transfers ensures that buyers get the amount of product they paid for and sellers get paid for the amount of product they deliver. Shorter calibration intervals, such as six months rather than one year, in the nuclear and pharmaceutical industries help catch calibration drift early to maintain better safety and more efficient production.

"Fluke has also simplified connectivity in the 750P pressure modules"

In response to those changing requirements, Fluke has introduced the 750P Series Pressure Modules that cover the full spectrum of industrial pressures. This line of 48 precision pressure modules perform gage, differential, dual range, absolute, and vacuum pressure measurement with Fluke 750 and 740 series Documenting Process Calibrators and 725, 726 Multifunction Process Calibrators. All modules come with a three year warranty.

Wider workload coverage

The Fluke 750P Series line as a whole provides wider workload, covering pressures from 0 to 1 inH20 (2.5 mbar) to 10000 psi (690 bar). At the same time, each module provides a narrower pressure range than previous modules, which ensures better accuracy. The 750P Series offers additional higher range absolute pressure module in four ranges - 300, 500, 1000, and 1500 psi (20, 34.5, 69, and 100 bar) - without needing an additional barometric module.

With more Fluke 750P pressure modules covering many more pressure ranges, you can get one with a sweet spot right at the highest accuracy portion of the pressure range that you need to measure. You can also get dual range, compound pressure measurements from -15 to 300 psi (-1 to 20 bar) with the 750PD27 pressure module.

Reference class accuracy

Beyond expanding workload coverage, these pressure measuring devices offer two ways to increase accuracy even further. Eleven "reference class" pressure modules measure from 0 - 15 psi to 0 - 10000 psi (1 bar to 690 bar) with better accuracy (0.01% reference uncertainty) than the standard pressure modules.

For even more accuracy you can choose any of the 750P pressure modules with either 6-month or 12-month calibration certification. The 6-month calibration certification costs a bit more because it provides better accuracy for those who want (or need) to calibrate the module every six months.

Fluke has also simplified connectivity in the 750P pressure modules to expedite changing modules for different ranges. Three different adapters (NPT, metric [BSP], and M20) are included with the modules to cover applications in the US, Europe, and Asia. All modules have the same 1/8-inch input connection for easy changes from one pressure range to another on your hand pump. Rugged 0-rings provide high integrity seals to the pressure modules and stand up to many changes.

To measure pressure, simply connect the 750P pressure module to a pressure source or hand pump and connect the communication cable from the 750P pressure module to the calibrator. Apply pressure from the pressure source and view the results digitally on the calibrator. You can view pressure in up to 11 different engineering units at the touch of a button. And if you're using Fluke 750 Series Documenting Process Calibrators, pressure readings can be date/time stamped and stored electronically.

With their speed, accuracy, and wide workload coverage, the Fluke 750P Series Pressure modules take a lot of the pressure out of pressure measurements.

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