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It’s Your Fluke Electrical News

Volume 13, Number 1

June 2014

If you work with electricity, this is for you. The new edition of Fluke Electrical News is available in print, as an online e-book, and as individual articles and media. The choice is yours.

Electrical News - June 2014

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What’s in this edition?

You’ll find out how a company in New Hampshire transforms wood waste into new products - the electrical side of biomass conversion.
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And you’ll learn about the development of the first glass IR Windows to survive 63 kA blast test. The number of medium-voltage switchgear installations has grown, creating a need for IR Windows that offer both thermal and visual inspection capabilities designed to survive a 63 kV arc blast - the equivalent of three sticks of dynamite.
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It’s always important to keep electrical workers out of harm’s way. See the variety of non-contact tools, and how they increase electrical safety.
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Indoor skydiving is great fun, and consistent electrical testing keeps the skydivers flying high. Find out what it’s like to work on the systems that power an all-glass vertical wind tunnel.
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Last but not least…don’t forget the grounding system. Here’s a quick refresher on why to test, what’s a good ground resistance value, and the testing methods.
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