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Nine years of Fluke HVAC news

Volume 9, Number 2

November 2014

Fluke HVAC News - Volume 9, Number 2

What's that about Volume 9 and Number 2?

Because the HVAC News began as a print magazine, it uses the traditional magazine-publishing volume and number conventions. The "9" indicates the magazine's ninth year of publication. The "2" indicates the second issue within that ninth year.

Since the first issue, V1#1, Fluke HVAC News has brought you information relevant to professionals working in heating, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration, and indoor air quality.

While the intent of the publication really hasn't changed much in nine years, the final form in which the content is published has developed significantly.

Each of the articles that comprise the Fluke HVAC News is available to you as an HTML page and as a PDF.

The entire collection of articles (the magazine) is available to you as a 16-page print magazine, online in HTML form, and as an interactive mirror of the print magazine. (We call this "interactive mirror" an e-mag, an e-book, and a flip book. The terminology is evolving.)

Regardless of the format, the HVAC News Volume 9, Number 2 is still bringing you the same kind of great content as V1#1. In V9#2 you'll find how a prize-winning school district in Georgia learned the value of preventive maintenance; advice on meeting critical cooling requirements; the techniques of curling's ice technologists; and twenty ways the Fluke 62 MAX+ Infrared Thermometer can save you energy and time.

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