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What’s in the new HVAC News? - Volume 8, Number 1

Volume 8, Number 1

Keeping STARZ shining »

It’s an old saying in the entertainment business, but HVAC technician and chief engineer Bob Axelson and the maintenance team at Starz Entertainment, LLC data storage and production facilities live it every day.

Tech Tips: What would you use a wireless measurement system for? »

Whether it’s troubleshooting an intermittent motor overload condition or commissioning an air handler unit, you might find that it would be like having a virtual second or third man on site.

Thermal imagers show the way to safer flying »

Fluke thermal imagers delivered the insights airline safety experts needed to change the way the world understands frost.

Which insulation resistance tester is the one you need? »

If you’re trying to decide on an insulation resistance tester, and aren’t sure exactly which model, what features, or what output test voltage you need, the information you need is here.

Boiler maintenance and troubleshooting best practices »

From boiler types to the role of steam traps to carbon monoxide combustion, find out how to prevent costly downtime and expensive equipment failures.

On the cover:

Jay Keith, senior electrician (left) and Bob Axelson, chief engineer (right) at the Starz Entertainment, LLC data storage and production facility near Denver.