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February 2014

HVAC News cover page, Volume 9, Number 1

What’s it like to transport temperature-sensitive freight in prime condition? Should you increase your ROI with energy logging? Consider expanding your HVAC business with home energy audits? Learn a new way to manage VFD voltage and shaft ground? Reduce the need to wear arc flash clothing (with all safety rules in mind)?

You’ll find all of this, and more, in the new edition of Fluke HVAC News (Volume 9, Number 1).

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Here are the feature stories.

HVAC on wheels. Fast thinking and accurate measurements keep hot loads hot and cold loads cold. The Mountaineer Thermo King field service shop keeps a broad range of equipment running smoothly - from small automotive-sized vehicles to 53-foot tractor trailers; mass-transit buses, mining, construction, and agricultural equipment; and seagoing containers moving cross-country by truck to and from the ports. Go to the story »

Increase your ROI with energy logging. In HVAC, ventilation optimization and equipment efficiency are top concerns for ROI. But there are other reasons to log power and energy use - safety for one. Here are five reasons to log, plus how to put data to work at facilities of all sizes to track and address energy waste, optimize systems, and help reduce your electric bill. See how energy logging for HVAC has gotten easier »

Expand your HVAC business with home energy audits. Home owners are looking for ways to save energy and money, and HVAC technicians are looking for new business opportunities. Why not bring customer needs, technology, and your skills together by offering home energy audit service? Here’s how »

Reduce the need to wear arc flash clothing. With all safety rules in mind! Walk through two real-world examples - boiler room temperature sensor checkout and variable speed drive checkout - with a senior HVAC technician as he demonstrates how wireless measurement solutions enhance safety. Take a look »

VFD voltage and shaft grounding. Motors powered by the rapidly switching waveforms of VFDs may have shaft/bearing to frame voltages as high as 8 V to 15 V, leading to premature failure of the bearings and motor. It’s been difficult to find the shaft currents until damage has already occurred. Find out how one great technology can be fixed with another »

And one more thing…would you like to know how steam cogeneration powers a campus? Since 1904, in fact. Dartmouth relies on cogeneration to control costs and to achieve a more reliable heating and cooling system. Check out the improvements over time, right up to automating the metering information collection »

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