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Fluke Charged Ideas FAQ

Q: What is involved in the submission process?

A: Fluke Corporation will need two forms completed in order to review your submission

Q: What kinds of information should I include in a submission?

A: The attachments should include any valuable information for our product planning team. By explaining how your idea works, what scenario the product is used in and how it is of value, you will help our team understand the concept. If you are able to include any of the following, please do:

Q: What happens after my idea is submitted?

A: Once Fluke Corporation has received your completed forms the information will be reviewed by the product planning team and its members.

Q: How long does the submission process take?

A: Once received, each idea or innovation will be reviewed independently by the product planning team. Due to the variety of ideas Fluke Corporation receives, the process could take up to 8 weeks for completion of the review.

Most ideas are categorized and placed into a development funnel that is revisited on a regular basis. There is no pre-determined timeline for when Fluke Corporation might utilize a submitted idea.

If we are interested in learning more about your innovation, or if we need more information or clarification, we will contact you by e-mail.

Q: My idea is neither patented nor patent pending, can I still submit?

A: Patents are protections for your intellectual property and are used to establish ownership. Fluke Corporation encourages you to submit ideas with or without a patent or patent pending. Patent, patent-pending or no protection, all submissions must have the consented to the legal terms and conditions.

If you would like more information on how to file a patent visit »

Q: Will Fluke Corporation pay me for my idea?

A: Fluke Corporation is looking for helpful ideas based on customer feedback. We are specifically looking for ideas from those not seeking monetary compensation. If your idea is patented or patent-pending, include this note in form or in the attachments at submission and a Fluke Corporation Representative will reach out to you to discuss possible next steps. Fluke will not use any patented intellectual property without full agreement or license from the owner of such intellectual property.

Q: Will Fluke Corporation sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement before I share my product ideas?

A: No, Fluke Corporation is looking for non-confidential information for our initial review of the submission. Please do not share confidential information on the form or in the attachments. If we contact you to discuss your idea or innovation further we can talk about any necessary agreements.

Q: Has your question not been answered?

A: Please email with any additional comments, questions or concerns.